I love to play my Violin, it is such a big part of who I am.

Everyday is an opportunity to learn and have new experiences with my instrument.

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James Burnham has been playing violin since age four, leaving the violin for an electric guitar in his early teens, he continued to play in as many different styles of music/bands, gaining experience on stage, in the studio and as a producer/engineer.

After gaining extensive experience as a performer and session musician, gigging around London & the festival scene, he decided to stop and concentrate on furthering his skills as a classical solo violinist.

James also has a great passion for Jazz, the freedom to improvise and swing. Playing on tour with lots of different artist has helped to mold him into a versatile violinist & unique session artist.

Now he is studying classical violin from his parental lineage of violin players. His mother a successful Viola player and vocalist. He feels it is important to carry on the tradition of teaching within the style of playing that has been prevalent within his family for generations. His great-grandfather, one of the great traditional Irish violinists of his time, his father, also a fierce classical violinist in his own right. James grew up surrounded with violin as a part of his daily life and upbringing. His early years spending as much time as possible in the family’s Moor Green Studios.

James….. Violin is at the very core of my being and feels part of my life & soul journey.

James is taking time out to continue his classical violin studies. You can find him releasing music under different alias names. There are many different sides too James musical abilities in his composition and multi instrumentation. He is looking forward to embarking upon his journey as classical solo violinist, and simply enjoying violin being a vital and integral part of his daily life. …….

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