First Green to Gold


Self recorded and self produced album ‘First green to gold’ shows James’s talents as a multi-instrumental musician and virtuoso violinist. James holds tight his vision of sound and melody, hooking the listener into trance like musical wanderings with strong violin parts. Be expected to be taken on a journey of haunting chords and hypnotic beats, to pass by gentle drums which bubble under the sway of lyrics and guitar.

His album brings together musicians from many genres including Jazz, Folk and Rap. James works collaboratively with others in a way which mirrors the name of the album Green To Gold.. allowing the music to journey forward, as nature takes the colors from the tree only to transform them to become something more beautiful. From Eastern influence to British folk there is depth to his music and a sense of color in ones ears it seems to leave.

Album Review from sapmag by Craigus barry

The scope of instrumentation throughout the remainder of this foray into world music composition is as ambitious as it is challenging………….To read more, First Green To Gold album review can be sourced here



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