The Cyrstal Moth Project


This was a great project to work with some great musicians. Crystal Moth` If it has a leader, then it’s percussionist/producer/percussionist/producer/soundscaper Patrick Dawes (Woven Entity, Groove Armada, Herbaliser etc as well as a solo artist), who’s responsible for putting it together. Over the last couple of years Dawes and drummer Paul May (also of Woven Entity, Duke Garwood, Fourth Page etc etc) have been in and out of the studio with a small orchestra of longtime friends and collaborators, improvising, overdubbing, mixing and sculpting what’s become Crystal Moth’s first album.

It was one those tracks where you just get your groove and hope to bring something special to the mixing pot. The track Strike this Day made the album single. Really happy with how they featured my violin in the song. It was really great to work with someone who knows what they want and is open to your ideas too, as he directs you into that vision of sound.

Charlie Beresford – Vocals
Carolyn Hume – Keyboards and Piano
Peter Marsh – Double Bass, Electric Bass, Steel Guitar
Paul May – Drums, Drum Fx & Overdubs
Patrick Dawes – Percussion, Fx

Guest Musicians;

Duke Garwood – Guitar
Chris Cornetto – Chinese Flute/flugelhorn
Nina Abadzis – Choral Vocals
James Burnham – Violin
Jon Clayton – Cello

Produced by Patrick Dawes

Engineered by Jon Clayton, Patrick Dawes. Vocals – Charlie Beresford

Mastering – Ben Turner

Film edited by Charlie Beresford

Footage by Charlie Beresford and Peter Mars

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