Dead Dad’s Club

I recently went out to play some violin at an open mic night at the Abbey Cafe in Malvern. it was a great night, really relaxed, and I don’t think i put my violin down or brought a drink all night. I met Lee Richardson who runs the night and played a few songs of his with him. During the week i get a phone call asking me if I could come back and play some more  violin with him on his material. After one or two more  performances I was jamming away with a band of musicians Lee put together in my studio. Here’s a short bio  we threw together as this is all kinda in its infant stage. We are about three sessions in plus a few live performances, but we are working hard in the studio and crafting our sound……………..

Singer songwriter Lee Richardson composes meaningful lyrics that everyone can relate too. There is a rich deepness as much as sense of humor backed up by strong, dynamic Rock n Roll acoustic Steele String Guitar. Lee’s chords are graced by Milo on Lead Guitar. Milo’s sound scape’s & strong chords structures with lush lead solos really compliment Lee’s songs as well as working closely with JB on Violin creating a unique sound . James Devine, he’s like the root of the band, making every beat a unique sound with his Cajón. Liam Blakmore the bass man bring so much groove to the sound. James Burnham on Electric Violin brings rhythmic, melodic and energetic playing that completes the sound that is Dead Dad’s Club.

Look back for forth coming release dates for what we hope will be a great 2017 for the band.


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