The Transcendence Experience

The Transcendence Experience is a project that came to be when I met new acquaintance,  whom i now regard a brother, Madhava Norton. Madhava came to me and ask me if I could produce an album project for him. The first project we collaborated on was T.I.M.E. After we had produced almost enough for two good albums, the two merged and out popped a very cleverly compiled selection from the songs we had produced. Voices of Peace is the title of the this album. Madhava came to me with great Chords and lyrics that after hearing I would know straight away the bass line or beat I wanted to make, it was never a chore, just a flow. After adding the band parts to his heart felt chords and lyrics we got a band together. It kind of just came together at the right time.

I was already jamming and getting some of my own material going with Gary Lowe, drums, and Toby Wren, Bass/Guitar. Madhava introduced me to Dan Watson, the bass man, and we had a band. We spent a lot of time playing around with the parts we had laid down on the album, grooving with different elements of the tracks and fusing our sound.

This really gave me the passion and drive to play more violin in band scenarios after having so much fun seeing how people where moved by our music. I would really feel locked in with crowd dancing as i played my violin. I felt very humble, you give out energy on stage, all you have, and it bounces straight back at you, by seeing every one dance and snake to you’re music you make or sing along to you’re songs.

I had learned allot from playing in this band and the message in Madhavas words are so meaningful to hear and special, with this timeless magical quality. From the love song of T.I.M.E. (tears in my eyes) to mantra rock, psychedelic jams evolving out of  pop song like One tree (one tree one family),deep mistic songs like Mara to funked up pop grooves like Excuse me sir.

Hear is ending from One Tree which is kind of a song of its own in its own right, always different each time we go into the end jam.

This the original track from the album


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